Leadership Team


Pueblo Community Health Center Executive Officers

Donald Moore Chief Executive Officer
Michael Barris, MD Chief Medical Co-Officer
David Krause, MD Chief Medical Co-Officer
Justin McCarthy Chief Operations Officer
Karen Miller, DDS Chief Dental Officer
Cindy Pratt Chief Financial Officer

PCHC Foundation Executive Officer

Laura Kelly Chief Development/Foundation Officer

Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Staff Members

Paulina Adjei, CNP

Robert Alsever, MD

Michael Barris, MD

Vanessa Becerril, PA-C

E. James Belfiglio, DMD

Nicole Bower, LCSW

Richelle Brown, LPC, LAC

Joseph Bulow, PA-C

Michelle Carlo, RDH

Aileen Carlos, CFNP

Courtney Collings, DDS

Prudencio Cosyleon, LCSW

Maria Cramer, LCSW

Penny Daugherty, RDH

Ashlie Davenport, CNFP

Amy Deitemeyer, PA-C

Dylan DeVries, PA

Dana Dooley, RN, CFNP

Elizabeth Elsey, LCSW

Jennifer England, MD

Lynne Evetts, CFNP

Josefina Fitzgerald, DDS

Jennifer Gallegos, CNM

Jeanette Grant, LCSW, CACIII

Lauren Gomez, PA-C

Matthew Goodwin, MD

Valerie Hauck, CNM

Lisa Harmon, MD

Chad Hess, RN, PA-C

Donald Higdon, LCSW

Dayna Hochevar, PA-C

Allie Hoewisch, FNP

Jennifer Horsley, DO

Steven Hosack, DO

Brett Hulet, MD

Mary Hund-Snyder, CNM

Cindy Jimenez, LCSW

Robert Johnson, DO

Steven Johnson, MD

Brian Juan, MD

Ann Jurewicz, DPM

Richard King, MD

Rona Knudsen, MD

David Krause, MD

Maria Lengele, CNM

Lynn Leyba, CFNP, CNM

Valerie Lobato, PA-C

Samuel Longfellow, DO

Alyssa McClurg, CNP

Kelsey Markenson, CFNP

Kristi Meyer, LCSW

Karen Miller, DDS

Cherie Millirons, PA-C

James Mobley, DMD

Rachel Nash, PA-C

Tina Nguyen, MD

Grant Nichols, PA-C

Stephanie Parker, DO

Michele Pennington, MD

Jill Pollock, PsyD

Shyla Prijatel, RDH

Patricia Quillen, CNM

Adam Randall, CFNP

Wendy Raso, CNM

Dana Riley, MD

Christina Riva, LSCW

Sue Ropp, MD

Jillian Sakariason, DDS

Charmayne Sandoval, LCSW

Mark Schwartz, MD

Brett Skyba, LPCC

Ansley Smitherman, CFNP

Kristie Spellings, DO

Louise Spugnardi, CNP

Brittany Stadterman, PA-C

Cindy Stegman, CFNP

Leandrea Stouffer, CFNP

Elizabeth Stuyt, MD

Geri Wagner, LPC

Kelly Wetherill, PA-C


Contact Us

(719) 543-8711

110 East Routt Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Email us at info@pueblochc.org

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Our Locations

Map of Pueblo, Colorado


  • PCMH
  • Meaningful Use
  • CMS Center for Innovation
  • FTCA Deemed Facility
    As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Pueblo Community Health Center is eligible for Federal Torts Claim Acts (FTCA) medical malpractice liability protection. As such, Pueblo Community Health Center is a Health Center Program grantee, under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Pueblo Health Service employee, under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).


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