Nurse/Family Partnership

Helping First-Time Parents Succeed  with your first pregnancy...

With your first pregnancy...

You may have mixed feelings and be unsure about the future. The Nurse-Family Partnership program can help. Our nurses are here to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

This is a voluntary program and the services are provided to qualified Pueblo and Huerfano County residents at no cost to you.

During Pregnancy...

Your personal Registered Nurse Home Visitor will meet with you and help you:

  • find answers to your questions about being pregnant
  • make healthy choices about your diet and pregnancy
  • prepare you for labor and delivery


After you deliver your baby...

Your Nurse Home Visitor will continue to visit until your child is two-years-old. She will:

  • give you information about breast- and bottle-feeding
  • provide helpful hints to make parenting easier
  • teach you about normal growth and development
  • inform you about child health and safety issues
  • help you plan for the future



Family and Community Connections...

We encourage early and continuous prenatal care, personal development, and the involvement of fathers, grandparents and other supporting persons in parenting.

We also make referral for health care, child care, mental health care, job training, and other appropriate services available in Pueblo County.


We believe...

  • you are the expert in your own life
  • you can follow your heart's desire
  • you can focus on your strengths
  • you can learn to focus on solutions
  • small changes can make a big difference in your life


For more information, visit the National Nurse-Family Partnership website.

Nurse-Family Partnership
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