Patient Rights

You Have the Right...

  • to expect quality care and reasonable access to primary heatlh care.
  • to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
  • to have all physical examinations, interviews and discussions about your care take place privately, and to have all communitcations and records about your care handled confidentially.
  • to the assurance of confidentiality when you approve or refuse the release of your medical information.
  • to receive information about Pueblo Community Health Center's services, care providers, and organizational policies.
  • to choose primary health care providers, including the right to refuse care from specific providers.
  • to have your pain assessed.
  • to participate in all decisions involving your care and treatment, including the right to refuse any drug, procedure, test or treatment.
  • to appoint someone to help you with care decisions if you cannot make those decisions for yourself.
  • to receive information about advance directives, as well as receive help in making an advance directive.
  • to voice complaints about the care provided or about the organization.
  • to know the immediate and long-term financial implications of treatment alternatives, insofar as they are known.
  • to know if the facility is participating in teaching programs, research and/or experimental programs.
  • to have access to your medical records in accordance with Federal and State laws.


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